Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Have No Comma Sense.

For those of you who can't manage to enjoy my clever wit because you're having trouble seeing past all of the glaring punctuation problems, I apologize. I'm going to get control of it. I stress over every comma, "Does it go here? Should I put one there?" Periods, I think I have the hang of, but, a semi colon? FORGET IT. I think I've dared to use two ever in my life. Thank, God my favorite author, John Shore, co-wrote a book along with Richard Lederer that explain just where to put these pesky-but-necessary scratch marks in a sentence. Improvement is on it's way. I promise!


  1. Be amazed at the book's cuteness! Then annoyed by it! Wonder at the adorable and hardly obnoxious at all illustrations!

    Actually (and of course) I do hope it helps you. Punctuation is so ... weird.

  2. Oh, John, you're writing never fails to amaze, annoy AND help me. I expect nothing less from this book.

  3. Jenny - here is a good guide for artists like you and I, on how to use a semi-colon properly:


    Oh and BTW, the comment you made just before this one, you incorrectly used "you're" when it should've been "your"

    It's okay by me though, I enjoy punctuation and grammatical errors. Thumbs up!