Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Love Buffet: Steve & Blaire

Being a friend of mine has it's benefits. At some point in our relationship you are bound to get a piece of art out of me*. I always promise a painting to pals when they get married. The reputation I have built for myself in this area is a little tarnished though since SOME people haven't actually gotten the painting on the day they get married. Okay, truth be told, some people are still waiting years later. But Blaire and Steve were smart enough to trick me. They requested that their painting be ON DISPLAY at the wedding. Clever, you two. Very clever. Now I HAD to get it done. Good, bad or ugly it was going to be there.

*You have no say on when that is.

I tried to get this all done in one day. It didn't happen, but it almost did. Wanna know how? Okay!

Step 1) Wake up and make coffee - lots of it.

2.) Begin morning procrastination. Have breakfast and watch Wet Hot American Summer for the 100th time.

3.) Turn it off, Jenny. Turn it off.

4.) Good Girl. Now start sketching.
The original thumbnail. The love buffet:

Refined Sketch:

5.) Put it on the canvas:

6.) Underpainting- so far so good.

7.) Steve's face. A step backwards. I'm not happy. Maybe it's just me, but as a general rule, I think women are easier for women to paint and vice versa.

Knowing this I thought I would start with Steve so I could get it over with. This put me in a funk so I moved on to Blaire.

8.) Much better. My spirits are lifted! We'll have to start Steve over again.

9.) Steve gets a facelift. He'll continue to get tweaked till an hour before the wedding.

10) Start thinking about the background.

Steps 11, 12, 13, 14,15) This background went through several versions of what was basically the same thing.

Step 16) RELAX and have a drink or 5. Good, bad, or ugly. IT'S DONE!!!!!